Agenda for April 30th

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Mastering Kotlin in 7 Steps
Sarp Remzi Aksu - Student @ Celal Bayar University / Freelancer Developer
This presentation will be about how can the audience understand details of Kotlin and advance themselves becoming better in Kotlin. This presentation will adjust the most challenging situations with Kotlin development and how can the audience overcome this challenging situations with 7 different steps. This presentation will also include code and software architecture explanations.
Unleashing the Power of Jetpack Compose: Revolutionizing Android UI Development
Selen Demir - Android Developer @Akbank | Senior Lead @WWCode Mobile | Digital Education & Literacy Director @WiT NL
In the ever-evolving world of Android app development, creating rich and responsive user interfaces has always been a priority. With the introduction of Jetpack Compose, a modern UI toolkit for building native Android applications, the game has changed. This abstract aims to explore the transformative capabilities of Jetpack Compose and its impact on Android UI development.
Developing Soft/ Transferable Skills for a sustainable Tech Career
Sumaiya Nalukwago - Tech Content Creator 👩‍💻 Women TechMakers Ambassador | GDG Cloud Organizer
This session delves into the power of transferable skills, often overlooked gems you possess from various experiences, even outside the tech realm. You'll discover how to leverage these valuable assets to navigate diverse roles, industries, and career advancements with ease.
Mastering Feature Flags: Best Practices and Implementation with Firebase Remote Config
Domen Lanišnik - Senior Android Developer, Lyft
Feature flags are a powerful tool that makes building and releasing mobile apps both safer and faster. Developers and teams can merge code faster and release more often, without having to worry about breaking something. Additionally, it allows the team to target specific users and to experiment via A/B testing. We will take a closer look at what feature flags are, how they can help us, best practices, and how to start using them in your project by leveraging the Firebase Remote Config cloud service.
Compose Migration Side Effects - What Can Go Wrong?
István Juhos - Android Engineer @ FAIRTIQ
In this talk, we'll look at some less-than-ideal scenarios when jumping on the Compose train in a project unprepared might cause long-term headaches, and how we can avoid falling into future traps that we unconsciously set up today.
Add Real-Time Features to your Mobile App
Darryn Campbell - Developer Advocate
This talk will discuss the challenges and solutions in maintaining performance and scalability when adding real-time capabilities to your app, whether you are developing the latest hit game or the most useful utility that everyone doesn’t yet realise they can’t live without.
Mastering WebRTC for Large Conference Calls on Android
Ivan Shafran - Senior Android Developer at VK
WebRTC is a common tool for making internet calls. It's easy to set up calls between two people, but things get tricky with group video calls, especially when you want to have lots of people join. In this talk, we'll break down how video, audio, and the structure of WebRTC work. Using VK calls as an example, we'll discuss how to make these components work well for thousands of people, focusing on what Android developers need to know.
Animations with Jetpack Compose
Stevan Milovanovic - Senior Android Engineer at InterVenture
In this talk I'll try to explain how well animations API aligns with Jetpack Compose Framework and how easy it is nowadays to add animations to your layout. Within this talk we'll cover basic theoretical concepts of animations API for Jetpack Compose and for each statement we'll provide practical example. After the theoretical part, we'll dive into some showcase projects to see how these animations work during the live code session.
Building Wear OS with Jetpack Compose
Paulo Cesar - MANGO, Android Developer
All android developers in the world today already use Jetpack Compose to create apps in their companies or personal projects and today in this session I will teach you how to create a Wear OS application using Jetpack Compose to demonstrate how easy it is. Using the navigation component to navigate between screens. How easy it is to create a list of data, GoogleChip items, progress and how to create an app for different shapes.
Texts, dates, numbers, currencies, plurals, legal stuff etc.- App internationalization guide
Karol Wrótniak - Mobile Developer @Droids On Roids, Lead @GDG Wrocław
Internationalization, localization, locale… you probably heard those words. But, have you ever considered all their elements? In this talk we will dive into texts, plurals, dates, numbers, currencies, legal stuff and more aspects of internationalization. There will be no shortage of code examples.
Android Canvas API: Techniques, Best Practices and Optimizations
Ayush Vijaywargi - Tech Lead at Snapchat: Ayush, Android Enthusiast Since 2018
This session will explore practical strategies for optimizing Android app performance using the Canvas API. Attendees will learn techniques such as caching, hardware acceleration, and efficient drawing practices. Real-world examples and best practices will be shared to help developers create fast and responsive apps while leveraging the power of the Canvas API.
Crashlytics for your Android apps
Kevin Morales - Mobile Developer
In this talk I'll be talking about Crashlytics (service by Firebase) and how to implement in your Android apps with Kotlin. Also I'll be talking about the benefits and explaining the dashboard to testing. I'll show a crash in live time for the attendees.