Agenda for January 30th

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Mastering Code Quality: A Deep Dive into Custom Linting for Android Developers
Suraj Giri - Android Developer @Swipe Ex @Doubtnut | Founded
This session promises a lasting impact by empowering developers to implement custom linting effectively, leading to codebases that are not only error-free but also adhere to industry best practices. This topic ensures that developers leave the conference with tangible skills they can apply immediately, ensuring a positive and lasting impact on their day-to-day development endeavors.
Mastering Jetpack Compose Previews - Test your UI before it tests you!
Priya Sindkar - Sr. Android Developer
Join me in this live demo to explore various techniques about how to use Jetpack Compose Previews to build and test state of the art android apps for across different form factors. At the end of this talk, you will have learnt all about Jetpack Compose Previews and how you can build and test better UIs and increase your designing productivity!
Modularization at scale
Alireza Tizfahmfard - Sr. Platform Engineer @Teknasyon
In this discussion, I'll address the importance of modularizing Android projects, delve into key concepts, critique existing methods, and propose an innovative approach for seamless transition.
Imperative, declarative, object oriented, functional: four of a Kotlin kind
Maia Grotepass - Staff Engineer: Android competency lead at Luno
This talk is a comparative view of four interrelated programming paradigms: imperative, declarative, object oriented and functional - from a Kotlin perspective. This talk will cover in depth details of the language features that are especially suitable for each of the paradigms. It will highlight how each language feature helps to deal with complexity.
Making Data Visualizations More Accessible
Eeva-Jonna Panula - Accessibility Specialist, Senior Android Developer at Oura
In this talk, I will share some tips and demonstrate how you can improve the accessibility of your graphs so that they work for different types of users - whether they are using assistive technologies or not. You'll get actionable advice to take to your apps and improve their accessibility immediately. You will learn about adding text alternatives for data visualization and adding alternatives for touch input.
Java vs. Kotlin: The Ultimate Showdown of Virtual Threads & Coroutines
Jessica Hannah Randall - Android Enthusiast
We are here to guide you through the fascinating world of concurrency, showcasing how Java and Kotlin efficiently handle tasks, their unique strengths, and their applications in real-world scenarios.
Material you Review
Mike Wolfson - Independent Developer and owner of Able Android LLC
This session will be an introduction to design systems. I will discuss how you can apply color, typography, and dimension standards across your Applications universally. This results in a UI that is easy to refactor, aesthetically pleasing, and can be made a11y compliant. Using Material, I will explain fundamental aspects of design that will empower developers to feel more confident about UI, and enable better communication with designers.
Improving Video Playback with ExoPlayer
Alexey Bykov - Senior Software Engineer at Reddit & Android GDE
In this talk, my primary focus will be on sharing practical approaches with ExoPlayer that go beyond what is documented: We'll discuss the common problems with playbacks, solutions and will find a performant approach to use ExoPlayer together with Jetpack Compose.
Building Quality Android Apps for the Future with Continuous Integration
Aline Ayres - Lead Mobile Developer at Thoughtworks
In this talk, we will understand how the main Continuous Integration tools and technologies contribute to creating high-quality Android apps that stand out in the market and adapt to technological changes, and we will explore the best practices recommended by the community, based on the official Google material for Android development with a focus on CI.
Boosting Bazel adoption on Android with automation
Pavlo Stavytskyi - Sr. Staff Software Engineer at Turo | Google Developer Expert for Android, Kotlin
In this talk, you will see how your Bazel can be beneficial for improving the build times of your project. Moreover, I will guide you through building a robust platform for the automated migration of Android codebases from Gradle to Bazel. I will show how Turo utilizes Airin and Pendant, open-source tools for automated migration to Bazel, and how you can apply them while adopting Bazel in your codebase.
From Laptop Builds to Advanced CI
Jason Pearson - Senior Staff Platform Android Engineer, Formerly Hinge
We'll delve into each topic and share how to apply our learnings to empower you. Along the way we will discuss how to approach stakeholders outside engineering to demonstrate the value it brings to a business. Join us for a saga of struggles and victories and how we transformed our CI pipeline at a modern scale-up business.