Who can be a partner?
Every tech community with an interest in hosting or participating in online meetups that could be relevant for Android devs.

What does being a partner mean?
Once you join the Android Worldwide community, you're part of our global group where we help each other, ask questions, share content, and of course, host quarterly Android Worldwide events with communities from over 15 countries coming together for a day of talks spread across multiple timezones. Participation in these events is optional, but it's a whole lotta fun without the heavy lifting of organizing alone.

Why should a community become our partner?
Our primary mission is to help community organizers operate more efficiently without increasing workloads, and create a global community that fosters learning, sharing and growing together.

We believe the best way to accomplish the former is through a shared pipeline of speakers, so you can spend less time hunting for one and more time making your event successful. Every quarterly event's content will be sourced from a Call for Papers which attracts diverse content. Every submitted talk is available for our partners (you!) to pick for themselves, which means you will not need to find speakers for any of your Android events, and speakers can have more opportunities to present!

As for the latter, well, jump in to our Slack to talk about everything from Android TILs to rants about random shit that's going down in your corner of the world.

How does one become a partner?
Tweet to us or reach out at partner@android-worldwide.com, and we'll reach out and get the process started. There's no eligibility criteria, so say hi and let's talk!